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The Crossroads
Click on the image above to view. The Crossroads is a looping GIF that is comprised of an ever-approaching intersection. It is a visual analogy that explores a perception of time in which change is always in the future, but the reality of present life appears constant and static. The cityscape is inspired by Lafayette, Indiana, the town I call home.

 The Empty Room of Stefano MJ Nasini Impersonator
This is a montage created from the videos of YouTube user Stefano MJ Nasini Impersonator, who posts documentation of the Michael Jackson impersonation performances he does within his home. This edit splices together some clips from those videos in which the room that usually serves as his stage is empty.

 Duet With Gronio27
This is documentation of a performance piece originally created for a group show at the Contemporary Art Center in Las Vegas in September of 2012. It features the vocal performance by YouTube user Gronio27 of Simon and Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water" sung in the style of Elvis who recorded his version in 1970. Upon seeing Elvis perform the song on tour later that year, Paul Simon reportedly said, "That's it, we might as well all give up now." The original video found on YouTube was performed and recorded in the privacy of Gronio27's home and likely was only viewed by individuals in their own private settings. For this involuntary collaboration, Gronio27 becomes part of a public performance, removing his original performance from the framework of the YouTube website. SOURCE VIDEO: youtube.com/watch?v=Xl_FW6DPHC0

2009-2013, DVD edition of 10
Collaborative sketches turned animation project with Esteban Garcia.

 Miles Smiles / Revolver
Cast Resin/Paper/Graphite, Edition of 5

 Thick Static
 proposal text (pdf)
Collaboration with Jordan Cleland.

 Solo Faces
An extended video montage of facial expressions made during guitar solos. No audio.

 Let's Go Crazy
Cast Resin/Paper/Marker, Edition of 10

My First Video!!!

 Bass Rally II


 Drum Instructions

 Blue Monday Remix 2010
A 3D environment that enables the user to remix audio as they move through the virtual space.
Click to Play (requires Unity Web Player)

Tribute (Part 6)



 White Thriller
Cast Resin/Paper/Graphite, Edition of 5
IMAGES: front, back, record, back detail, label

 Bass Rally
Bass Rally was a performance installation to "celebrate bass" through the practice of social audio unity. The concept was very simple: cars used their radios to pick up a local transmission of bass tones being emitted from the edge of a parking lot. The audio was then shaped according to where the separate participants parked their cars and how they adjusted the tonal preferences of their stereo systems.

Why Bass? essay (view pdf)

.. Car Solo

The Discobot is a continuation in the tradition of entertainment performance robots, including Pierre Jaquet-Droz’s lady musician (1774) and the Wabot-2 developed by Ichiro Kato (1984). As the Discobot mingles about the dance floor it generates a song that is transmitted to a nearby sound system. In response to any obstacles it may encounter in its environment, the Discobot changes its tune and spins in circles. The rotation of reflected light is mesmerizing.

. .
Male Performance Series: Solos/Vocalists/Drumming

Unnecessary Bass
Pronoun Trilogy - lyrics

 Blue Monday Remix 2009

Sacred Scroll

A stack of powered amplifiers is orchestrated to create a pillar of buzz and hums. Collaboration with Jordan Cleland.

Drum Kit

 The Meatballz

A cassette only label that sells music which is never copied.
It's recorded direct to tape and you buy the original master.